“NikkoIA voit tout.” (NikkoIA sees everything)

NikkoIA is selected among the “20 start-up at the top” selected by the french national magazine l’Usine Nouvelle in its “Special Innovation” edition, following the results of the 2011 National Contest for the Creation of Innovative Companies organized by the French Ministry of Research in cooperation with OSEO.

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NikkoIA SAS awarded by French Ministry of Higher Education and Research

NikkoIA SAS is award winner at the 13th national contest for support of innovative technologies startup creation.

Moirans/Grenoble (France) – 05th July 2011 – As a national award winner, NikkoIA SAS demonstrates its technological and industrial potential and benefits from significant funding for its development plan.

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Siemens AG exclusively licenses imaging technology to NikkoIA SAS.

NikkoIA SAS to use Siemens AG innovative photodetectors technology to produce near infrared image sensors.

Moirans/Grenoble (France) – June 23rd, 2011. Newly created Grenoble startup NikkoIA SAS becomes a prominent player in near infrared imaging by signing a worldwide and exclusive license agreement on a patents portfolio and associated know-how developed by Siemens AG. [Read more…]