NikkoIA SAS Secures Major Development Programs for Organic Imaging

NikkoIA SAS prepares its product line expansion with FP7-funded program on NIR-photosensitive organic materials development.

Moirans/Grenoble (France) – 27th November 2013 – NikkoIA SAS announces the grant of several collaborative development programs in 2013, totaling more than 1.5 million Euros of cumulated subsidies over the next 2 years to sustain its development roadmap. [Read more…]

NikkoIA SAS extends its organic imaging technology to X-rays and CMOS substrates

Moirans/Grenoble (France) – 10th of April, 2013 – NikkoIA SAS carries on its organic image sensors technology developments by extending its sensitivity to X-rays, and validates its compatibility with substrates based on CMOS technology.

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NikkoIA SAS awarded by French Ministry of Higher Education and Research

NikkoIA SAS is award winner at the 13th national contest for support of innovative technologies startup creation.

Moirans/Grenoble (France) – 05th July 2011 – As a national award winner, NikkoIA SAS demonstrates its technological and industrial potential and benefits from significant funding for its development plan.

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Siemens AG exclusively licenses imaging technology to NikkoIA SAS.

NikkoIA SAS to use Siemens AG innovative photodetectors technology to produce near infrared image sensors.

Moirans/Grenoble (France) – June 23rd, 2011. Newly created Grenoble startup NikkoIA SAS becomes a prominent player in near infrared imaging by signing a worldwide and exclusive license agreement on a patents portfolio and associated know-how developed by Siemens AG. [Read more…]