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    NikkoIA’s sensors and photodetectors enable the development of more intuitive and non-invasive products in the medical, security and user interfaces areas,…

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    NikkoIA uses new photodetection materials which are deposited as a thin film layer onto industry-standard electronic reading substrates. Photodetection…

  • NikkoIA SAS 

    NikkoIA SAS designs, manufactures and sells visible and near infrared photodetectors and image sensors based on an innovative and patented technology developed…

  • Nikkoia SAS 

    NikkoIA SAS is a Grenoble startup founded in May 2011. The company’s charter is to design, manufacture and sell photodetectors and multispectral image…

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    The whole content of this site, including texts, photos, graphics is - unless otherwise specified - the exclusive property of NikkoIA SAS. Any reproduction wit…

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