Nikkoia SAS

NikkoIA SAS is a Grenoble startup founded in May 2011.

The company’s charter is to design, manufacture and sell photodetectors and multispectral image sensors in the visible and near infrared spectrum (0.4 – 3µm), based on thin film semiconductor technologies.

NikkoIA SAS takes advantage of an innovative technology to produce photodetectors and image sensors which demonstrate multiple benefits over current solutions. It enables the development of more intuitive and less invasive products and solutions in the medical, security and user interfaces markets.

This technology has been developed and patented by Siemens Corporate Technology. NikkoIA SAS and Siemens AG have signed a worldwide and exclusive license agreement for this technology on an extensive patents portfolio, either already granted or in the process of being so. This agreement is completed by a transfer of technology and know-how from Siemens AG to NikkoIA SAS to speed up the industrialization phase.

NikkoIA SAS is based in Grenoble, France, at the heart of a rich environment in electronics, semiconductor and imaging competencies and a world-renowned infrared industry. It will set up a production facility at this location.